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How to Maintain Your Pocket Bike and Increase its Lifespan?


Ever since the invention of bicycles, inventors began the hunt to develop ways to make transportation on public roads faster, automated, and safer. With that goal in mind, the automobile world was inundated with inventions. Now, motorcycle enthusiasts have a wide array of options to choose from. From electric motorcycles to high-powered gas motorcycles, there are many options.

But the one invention that has completely revolutionized the two-wheeler industry is the pocket bike. What started as a part of a racing event has become ubiquitous in every garage in the U.S. Pocket bikes are a miniature version of standard motorcycles and are no longer limited to adults. Now, manufacturers have begun offering pocket bikes specially made for kids.

If you own a pocket bike, you must be looking for ways to maintain it so that its lifespan can be increased, and this is what we are going to address in this blog post. You will find some pocket bike maintenance tips that even a new owner can use.

Keep the oil under your radar

Just like the engine, the oil used to fuel the pocket bike is also essential; you should always pay attention to it when it comes to Yamaha pocket bike maintenance. Fuel is your pocket bike’s bloodline; therefore, always checking it and replacing it whenever necessary becomes important.

If you have bought new super pocket bikes, you should always keep the oil the same before hitting the roads because you never know how long the oil has been there. To check the condition and level of oil in your pocket bike, you can follow the manufacturer’s manual, and the same can be used to know which type of oil will be perfect for the pocket bike you have bought.

Never leave the filter dirty

To better understand this maintenance, we will have to delve into the mechanism of pocket bikes. Any motorcycle’s engine needs to perform three things: gas, air, and spark. First, the gas enters the fuel system from the tank through the carburetor. The gas mixes with the carburetor’s air, which becomes an air-fuel mixture before moving toward the cylinder. After reaching the cylinder, the spark kicks in, ignites the air-fuel mixture, and then depresses the piston.

The Yamaha pocket bike will need clean air for all this to happen. To ensure that the cylinder gets a clean supply of fresh air, you must keep the air filter clean. The new-age filters are specially designed to keep away water and dust. But you still need to keep the air filter clean, and you can do it at home without specialized tools for a 150 cc super pocket bike.

Keep it clean

You might be used to leaving your pocket bike covered in grime for a long time, as many motorcycle fanatics love the mud patches on their bike, but this is not good for the performance and looks of your pocket bike. Pocket bikes are known for their look and sleek design; if you wish to maintain them, you must keep them clean.

There is no need to wash your bike every time you come back from an adventurous and fun ride, but you should do it at least once a month or whenever your pocket bike is covered in grime. Just take a bucket full of soap, water, and a cloth, and it will take 5-10 minutes to clean your pocket bike.

Follow the break-in procedure

If you get involved in an intense exercise routine without any warm-up, the chances of sustaining injuries will increase, and the same happens with your pocket 150 cc super pocket bike. You should never take your pocket bike from the showroom and drive it like a crazy biker. Just like our body, the engine of the pocket bike needs time to properly heat-up. You should never overlook this aspect of riding and owning a pocket bike.

This is why it becomes important always to follow the break-in procedure. When you follow this procedure, you will give enough time for the oil and fluid of your pocket bike to flow seamlessly to the engine and other parts of your pocket bike.

You don’t need to be a pocket bike expert, and you don’t even need to own a motorcycle for many years to maintain your pocket bike. All you need is the basic knowledge of pocket bikes. Also, you need to follow the tips mentioned in this blog post to increase the lifespan of your pocket bike.

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