Charles St-Remy

Charles St-Remy : How New Development In President Mose Assasination Investigation Unfolds New Names


In accordance with a claim that was published in the New York Times on December 12, President Mose had prepared to pass over these names to the government of the United States before he was shot. The Times communicated with four senior Haitian advisers as well as officials who were familiar with the text and provided their insights. Officials who wished to remain anonymous informed The Times that the assassins admitted to searching Moses’s home thoroughly for the list and ransacking anything they found there.

According to a source in the Times, the president had given orders for officials to show no mercy to anyone, not even to the power brokers who were instrumental in getting him elected.

According to the Times, the businessman Charles Saint-Rémy, better known as “Kiko,” was considered a “key character” on the list. The Times formerly reported that U.S. narcotics enforcement officers who had operated in Haiti suspected Saint-involvement Rémy’s in the drug trade. These authorities had previously worked in Haiti.

When the investigators got to the scene of the murder, they discovered that Jovenel Moese’s home office had been plundered and that files were scattered all over the place. As per three senior Haitian officials who are familiar with the investigation, during interrogations, a number of the caught hitmen confessed that retrieving the list that Moese had been working on, which contained the names of suspected drug traffickers, was a top priority. This information was obtained from one of the captured hitmen.

The paper was a part of a larger sequence of confrontations that Moe had with powerful political and corporate leaders, some of whom were suspected of being involved in the trafficking of narcotics and weaponry. According to his aides, Moe had known a few of them for years, as well as they believed that he had betrayed their trust by turning on them.

The political rivalry and disputes

In the months leading up to his passing, Moise took actions to clean up Haiti’s customs department, nationalize a seaport with a history of smuggling, dismantle an airstrip used by drug traffickers, and investigate the lucrative eel trade that has recently been identified as a conduit for money laundering.

Gesner Champagne was taken into custody in the United States in March 1996 and charged with being involved in the trafficking of guns. It was stated that Martelly posted the $150,000 bond, and it was reported that Martelly owned the house at the Miami location Champagne cited in court filings. After helping authorities with another investigation, he was eventually able to negotiate a plea bargain that satisfied his needs. This agreement will not be made public until it has been signed and sealed.

After Martelly became president of Haiti in 2011, his circle of power included a large number of friends and family, including Champagne. Champagne was just one of these people. Since Martelly was in office, Charles “Kiko” Saint-Remy, who is the brother-in-law of both Champagne and the former president, has been connected to a variety of criminal activities, such as homicide, kidnapping, and drug trafficking. Champagne is his sister’s husband. Another suspect is Jean-Claude Champagne.

If the transaction had an official stamp of approval, the participation of Preble-Rish and Champagne, as well as their strong connections to Charles St Remy and former president Martelly, raises substantial legal and political problems.

The new leads in the assassination case

Rodolphe “Dodf” Jaar, 49, was reportedly taken into custody during a sting operation and has been questioned on his alleged involvement in the killing. This information comes from a trustworthy source. According to a report that was issued by the Haitian National Police (PNH) in August and consisted of 122 pages, Jaar was the primary organizer of the assassination that took place on July 7, 2021. According to the information provided by our source, he will very certainly be extradited to Miami, where law enforcement officials in the United States will question him and most likely charge him with involvement in the killing of Moese.

However, after serving his sentence, Jaar returned to Haiti in 2016 and, according to our source, became associated with Charles St Remy, Haiti’s most powerful drug trafficker. This information comes from a source within a high-level international agency. Charles “Kiko” Saint-Rémy is also one of the primary suspects in the murder of Moise, according to a report from the New York Times published in December.

Jaar was indeed the operation’s quartermaster, “responsible for the materials for the mission, including such: weapons, ammunition, vehicles, and bullet-proof vests,” according to the PNH report. He housed 21 of the Colombian mercenaries who were involved in the assassination of Moese at his home in Pèlerin 6, which was not far away from the president’s private home in Pèlerin 5 in the hills above Pétionville.

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