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Bakersfield a fantastic city in California, is full of delightful surprises. Long before the city was only known for agriculture and oil. Today, Bakersfield, or Bako as the people fondly refer to it, is the center for the arts and culture. However, it has not lost any of its historical wealth. There is a wealth of culture at this “entrance to Central Valley” There are many things to do and the best hotel in Bakersfield to stay in. Whether your interests are in music, agriculture, entertainment, or sports, Bakersfield has everything.  There are two museums that focus on geology and flora and fauna that connects you with the environment.

Read on if you wish to leave your place and try something new!

Hart Memorial Park

Hart Memorial Park is the gem of Bakersfield’s open spaces. It’s about a 20-minute drive to the northeast of town, tucked among the banks of the Kern River in the Sierra Nevada Mountain’s Foothills.

Two fishing lakes are stocked with bass, bluegill, and rainbow trout. And there are mature trees all across the park that provide plenty of shade. The Shark Tooth Mountain Disc Golf Course has 18 challenging holes that run through the mountainside area.

Downtown Bakersfield

Go downtown to get a strong feeling of Bakersfield culture. This expansive downtown area, which extends many city blocks east and west, is located along Chester Avenue. The best hotel in Bakersfield, California tempt you with a unique environment and regional menus.

In Bakersfield, this is also the location to go shopping, whether you’re looking for the newest styles of clothing or priceless antiques. The 18hundred and Locale Farm to Table Eatery are two renowned downtown restaurants. The Woolworth Diner and the Duniya Hotel are two further local favorites.

CALM (California Living Museum)

Located in the northeast of downtime Bakersfield, CALM is a wonderful, award-winning zoo that is a part of Kern River County Park. Unlike other museums, it is completely devoted to presenting local fauna and offering education and a close eye on different species.

The 14-acre California Living Museum is home to numerous regional species of plants and animals in a setting resembling a park. 

Buck Owens Crystal Palace

Buck Owens was a singer and songwriter. He recorded 21 No. 1 songs on the Billboard charts for country music with his band, the Buckaroos. He created the crystal palace concert hall in 1996.

This is one of the top attractions in Bakersfield. It is a mix-up of a restaurant, a music venue, and a museum.

Fox Theatre

The fox theatre was founded on Christmas day in 1930. It is located in Bakersfield famed for its opulent decor and superior sound. It started as a silent film theatre and ultimately started showing some of the first talkies to hit the screen.

Today, live music performances fill the Fox Theater’s stage, providing a wonderful soundtrack to enjoy the interior decoration.

Throughout the 1980s, this architectural treasure narrowly escaped being demolished. It was preserved thanks to community initiatives, and in 1994 the Fox Theater Foundation was established and the theatre was renovated.

Central Park at Mill Creek

The only park that is accessible by foot from downtown is Central Park near Mill Creek. It follows what was once an irrigation canal between 24th Street and Truxton Avenue, and is mostly linear in shape. This once-busy corridor has been restored into a lovely walking area complete with benches and vegetation.

There are play structures, bathrooms, and lots of trees that provide shade in this park area.

At the north end of the park is situated the Bakersfield Museum of Art. It’s nice to spend the day seeing the museum and strolling Mill Creek. Restaurants and antique shops are some of the additional nearby establishments along Mill Creek.

Murray Family Farm

Visit Murray Family Farms’ Big Red Barn for a wide range of family attractions. State Route 58 will take you to this functional farm that welcomes visitors in 20 minutes. It provides farm activities like u-pick harvesting and animal meet-and-greets.

A variety of entertaining activities are held at Murray Family Farms. The year typically begins in January with a unique citrus U-pick event and ends in December with Christmas on the Farm. An Easter on the Farm, an October Fun Fest, and Cherry fest in May all draw crowds in the interim months.

Where to Stay?

This is a big question! finding luxurious as well as budget-friendly hotels are difficult.  However, we would recommend Duniya Hotel, the best hotel in Bakersfield at an affordable price.

It is located in the heart of Bakersfield and infused with breathtaking natural beauty, American Heritage, and lifestyle. It reflects the vibrant culture of America and is known for its hospitality. Visitors can enjoy top-class amenities at a reasonable price.

Summing Up

Every single one of the interesting locations to visit in Bakersfield, California, is just as enjoyable as the last!

In the lively and pleasant city of Bakersfield, you’re likely to find something you like, whether you prefer history, nature, sports, art, music, or animals.

When you visit this city, share your valuable experience in the comment section below.

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