How Social Media Look in Web3


Reddit and Meta (Facebook, Instagram) have joined the Web3 movement. Since July, three million crypto wallets have been established by Reddit users on the Polygon network, surpassing OpenSea in terms of the number of active wallets.

Soon, Instagram creators will be able to produce and sell their own NFTs both on and off the network. Finally, Twitter unveils NFT Tweet Tiles, which will display the artwork of an NFT in a dedicated panel within a tweet and feature a button allowing users to navigate to a marketplace listing where they can directly purchase, sell, and display NFTs.

This essay seeks to assist you in maximizing your gains from the ongoing Web2 to Web3 and social media industry change.

Web2 embraces Web3

Meta authorized the cross-posting of NFTs on Facebook and Instagram in August in an effort to improve the interoperability of its metaverse. The firm already supports numerous wallets that support the Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow blockchains.

One of the most significant characteristics of Web3 is digital ownership, and unleashing the creative economy is crucial for widespread adoption.

Let’s discuss the numerous features you can obtain by utilizing our solutions and how you can benefit from the ongoing market shift.

Portfolio Tracking, Social Media, and Web3

Imagine a world in which your Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit activity is also available to experts. Because we support Polygon and Ethereum users, this will soon become a reality.

Using our portfolio tracker to navigate the new web3 social media app development, you will be able to view the tokens and NFTs in your wallet as well as the comprehensive value of your assets. In addition, you may monitor NFTs, providing you with complete command over your collections.

  • Learn about Portfolio Tracker
  • Gain actionable real-time information into your NFTs, including:
  • Previous ceiling cost
  • Current ceiling cost
  • Change in cost
  • Dollars spent
  • Current assets
  • Gain and loss

NFT Collections Explorer, Social Media, and Web3 from an expert

Benefit from the mix of social media and NFTs using this tool to stay ahead of the oncoming Web3 social media wave.

With the proliferation of avatar blue-chip NFT collections such as BAYC, CryptoPunks, and CloneX, we can only speculate about the huge potential that social media could unlock for Web3.

Facebook alone has 2.9 billion monthly users, while Reddit has over 1 billion. The introduction of Web3 to this vast generation has the potential to have a profound effect on the retail industry and the creator economy.

Investigate NFT Collections

Furthermore, NFTs are not merely attractive images; you can hold the commercial rights to utilize them. Currently, the entry floor pricing of such collections makes them quite expensive, but possibly the presence of Web2 will spawn a new type of NFT with more accessible ownership rights.

Expert’s NFT Collections Explorer predicts values using a machine learning algorithm that analyses the metadata of historical transactions to assess the value of your most valuable assets.

Utilizations of the NFT Collections Explorer:

  • Explore thousands of collections, identify NFTs, and take appropriate action.
  • Prepare for declines and examine early market data in order to identify the next NFT unicorn.
  • Explore NFT collections on the Ethereum platform (more chains coming soon).
  • Locate and prepare for impending NFT drops and limited-edition mints.
  • Utilizing industry-standard indicators, analyze the NFT market’s activity.
  • Utilize precise market data and metadata filters to explore specific NFT collections.
  • Using the expert Portfolio Tracker, track activity and follow the wise money.

Soulbound Tokens by an expert, Contribute2Earn, and Web3

As the World’s Dapp Store, an expert is on its way to becoming a social force for the thriving Web3 community. SoulBound Tokens (SBTs) are being developed as a social scoring system to validate identity, reputation, and authenticity.

With the expert’s portfolio and SBTs, a single wallet corresponds to a single identity across many applications. These tokens can help NFT creators and artists create a verified reputation within their target community.

The greater the number of SBTs carried by an artist’s Soul, the easier it would be for collectors to identify the Soul’s owner as that artist.

In addition, SBTs function as Web3-based resume that displays a person’s academic and professional credentials.

SoulBound Tokens (SBTs) are compatible with the Contribute2Earn ecosystem, which compensates anyone who publishes content, curates dapps, writes reviews, or even builds features.

With Contribute2Earn, your creative efforts can become part of your Web3-based résumé, enhancing our platform and possibly helping you advance your profession as the industry changes to Web3.

The emergence of the Creator Economy and Web3

The proliferation of social media platforms resulted in the birth of the creator economy. Suddenly, producers could share their content with their fans on a vast scale and contribute to an industry worth billions of dollars.

With Web2 social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, however, producers receive only a portion of their revenue. The issue is the centralized nature of content “gatekeepers” platforms.

Web3 enables decentralization and genuine digital ownership. Many creators saw it as a means of becoming less dependent on established platforms and adopting a more equitable economic strategy.

Closing musings

We are observing the transition from centralized Web2 “gatekeeping” commercial models to decentralized ones. All of this is made possible by Web3, which aims to provide users autonomy and power

Decentralization and digital ownership assist in creating a level playing field for all parties. Particularly micro-influencers who struggle on social media sites with unjust revenue arrangements can benefit considerably from what Web3 has to offer.

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