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Free Credit Cards: The Ultimate Way to Improve Your Credit Score


A credit card with no annual fees is commonly referred to as a ‘forever-free credit card.’ It provides the special perk of having both no application charge and no annual fee. In essence, this means you won’t be subject to any yearly maintenance fees on your credit card. Lifetime free credit cards are the best choice for first-time card users because there are no fees to pay. 

The rewards programs offered by these cards may not be as extensive as those of high-end credit cards. They are still highly comprehensive and provide users with a lot of value. The features, bonuses, and incentives offered may change depending on the type of free credit card you choose. Among the more well-liked types of a lifetime, free credit cards offered in India are rewards cards, lifestyle cards, fuel cards, travel cards, and shopping cards. Lifetime fee credit cards are ideal for improving your credit score. 

Most free credit cards have modest minimum income restrictions, and other criteria for qualifying are usually not too complicated. Because of this, you can anticipate speedy application approval and card issuance. Many credit cards without an annual charge also come with other perks, such as free movie tickets, access to airport lounges, discounts on dining, etc. 

A free credit card frequently includes a fuel cost waiver of up to 1%. This might result in significant total savings, given the steadily rising cost of fuel. The deal can be made more enticing by adding welcome offers due to the availability of numerous free credit cards. You may get shopping vouchers, bonus reward points, a free OTT subscription, etc. one of the best credit cards in this field is Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard. You may get several offers and benefits with this card. Remember to keep an eye out for these deals while selecting a credit card for yourself.

It is advisable to get lifetime free credit cards if you want to build your credit. These cards are the perfect fit for this. You don’t need to consider extra charges as these cards don’t require annual fees. 

Here is How this Credit Card Can Help You Build Strong Credit:

Using a credit card wisely while making timely payments is one of the best strategies to establish or raise your credit score. Your credit score will be much enhanced if you pay attention to your credit card uses. Pay your credit card payments on time each month and keep your balance low. With a credit card, you can begin to establish or raise your credit score.

  • Select a Credit Card That Best Matches Your Spending Style

You must conduct extensive research before requesting a credit card. After considering your needs, compare the terms of cards that can meet those criteria. You can use the lenders’ comparison function on a fintech company’s portal to cross-reference and compare credit card offers.

  • Ensure that You Always Pay Your Bills on Time

 One of the worst things you can do to your credit is to miss a payment. Always complete the minimum payment on your credit card before it’s due. This is because a solid payment history is necessary for future credit approvals and credit limit increases.

  • Pay the Full Amount When Possible

Paying only the minimum amount will maintain your account in good standing. But you won’t save money on interest. But paying in full and on time is sufficient. Additionally, you don’t want to develop the practice of overspending your means of repayment.

  • Avoid Exceeding the Credit Card Limit

The ratio between the amount of credit available to you and the amount you are now utilizing is known as your credit usage ratio. It refers to the balance on your credit cards in relation to the total amount you are allowed to spend on them. Your credit score could be impacted if you use more than 30% of your credit limit. So, regardless of your spending cap, don’t go overboard.

  • Check Your Credit Score & Report Frequently

It is crucial to frequently check your credit score and report to make sure you are moving in the correct direction. Regularly checking them will enable you to identify any inaccuracies on your report and file a dispute, which can raise your credit score.

  • Become an Authorised User on Someone Else’s Account

Maybe you are under the legal age to obtain a credit card and are seeking ways to establish credit. You can do so by obtaining a credit card as an authorized user. You can gain access to someone else’s account as an authorized user. This indicates that you will be given a card linked to their account so you can make purchases using their credit limit. 


A history of on-time payments, low credit card balances, and various credit card accounts are all factors that raise your credit score. Major factors that hurt a credit score include missed or late payments, excessive credit card balances, collections, and penalties.

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